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It took me over 20 years of being very ill to find mineral balancing and it wasn’t from lack of trying. In the 20 years of being sick, my sole mission was to get myself back, I could see nothing else, many of the dreams and aspirations that I had had before I became ill were put on hold in my quest back to the person I had once been. During this time I have spent well over 20,000 hours of my own personal time researching health, the latest treatments and how the body works. I have seen well over a hundred different health practitioners and the practitioners and treatments ran the spectrum.  I consulted with traditional general medical practitioners, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, nutritionists, neurologists, immunologists, chiropractors, I did neural therapy, detoxification, antimicrobial treatments, gut repair, specified diets, rolfing, massage, and much more, In spite of seeing a plethora of practitioners and trying any treatment they would throw at me, I saw none to very minimal improvement and any small gain in my health never seemed to stick.

When I first became ill, I made two promises to myself and the universe, one, I will try and do the things that I have always wanted to do in spite of being sick and two if and when I ever find the solution to my symptoms and illness, I will learn, teach and practice this healing modality whatever it takes in order to help others that are also suffering and without answers. 

I first became very ill while I was at university, prior to this, I was a very happy, enthusiastic athletic, spontaneous and I would say for the most part healthy person. I started to develop troubling symptoms while at university, it began with anxiety, without any real external circumstances to explain it, I had after all gone through more stressful situations in my life and they had just rolled off my back. The anxiety soon turned into full on panic and the panic attacks began to cast a very dark shadow over my life. There was a time where I was fearful to even leave the house,  I did anyways since I had vowed to try and live normally even if my body and mind seemed anything but. These daily panic attacks never really left me in those 20 years and fairly quickly after they began I started to have hand, arm and neck tremors, my hands and feet would clench/curl and the left side of my body went numb and I had a very hard time writing, since I am left handed. It is as if all coordination left the left side of my body, I could no longer dance, or do sports, my left eye started to droop and talking became difficult, I began to stutter and slur especially when tired. I also started to have memory lapses and would forget basic things like how to get to a friends house that I had driven to on numerous other occasions. My legs were weak and would sometimes give out on me and walking on campus was very difficult and slow and I began to struggle in school between being late, missing classes and my memory lapses. My original major was biochemistry, I had wanted to become a doctor, but with the demanding lab schedule, after three years I changed to International Studies, which was less rigorous and this allowed me to graduate college, eventually minoring in biology. 

Throughout the years my symptoms would persist and some would ease up a bit, but only to be replaced by others, really too many to go through. I did manage to have 4 children as a  large family had always been my wish, but my health paid dearly for every pregnancy and my health would take a dive. 

Due to all of my own research and personal experience with a gamet of practitioners and healing modalities, I started to really understand that minerals were the essential building blocks of health and well being, my problem was that everytime I took them I felt horrible and would my symptoms would flare, I knew I needed them designed specifically to me, but how?  I scoured the internet searching for a healing method that involved minerals as well as accurate testing and that’s when I found mineral balancing and Paul Ecke’s extensive research and intricate system of detecting mineral deficiencies and excesses and their ideal bodily ratios, it sounded Brilliant, and as I was soon to discover, it was

Mineral balancing has  absolutely changed my life. I can now say that I am the happy, enthusiastic and healthy person I used to be. I wake up in the morning with excitement to start my day and energy to maintain myself throughout the whole day, with even some to spare.  I am no longer chemically sensitive, my anxiety and panic a distant memory and all of my other symptoms have either disappeared or are so minor that I have to really think about it to find one.  

Make no mistake, Mineral Balancing is not an allopathic medical model, alleviating symptoms does not happen with one pill and then voila all the symptoms or some symptoms are alleviated within hours,  but only while taking the pill. Mineral Balancing is a body overhaul, I like to compare it to complete house remodel, new walls, new roof, new floors and a new kitchen. Mineral balancing is a process whereby the body given the right minerals in the right ratios will clean house and rebuild the broken structures and this of course takes time and commitment. It is a change of lifestyle and because the body will eventually clear out heavy metals, petrochemicals, infections and other toxins, there will be healing reactions, although they are usually short lived and through Nutritional Balancing we have recommended modalities to help get through them.

Who do I recommend Nutritional balancing to?

Anyone that feels that they are not living their best life, either physically or mentally or emotionally. Improving the physical, improves the mental and psychological, they are all connected and they all need energy for optimal function. 

Why do I recommend Nutritional Balancing?

Because after 20 years of very extreme illness and no answers or effective treatment, mineral balancing gave me back my life, the life I used to have and have been dreaming of for 20 years.

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